Bauzahlen means construction of number figures. Initially, it was only intended to develop the numbers and all the basic symbols related to them for free distribution. In full development and due to the potential of its construction, this small project that i had in hands turned into something much bigger and has finally become the first typography that i publish.
Bauzahlen is built only with circles, triangles and rectangles. It has something of the Bauhaus school and geometric rationalism, and is also inspired by Cassandre’s work , although this inspiration comes from the memory, the visual feeding that as a designer has to be exercised over the years to then reinterpret without copying directly, of course.
Technically i have tried to complete a wide range of languages, reaching 100% of the Latin Plus standard that supports 219 Latin languages, which are spoken in 212 different countries. It also has discretionary ligatures and contextual alternatives among other resources.

Violaine & Jeremy
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They design fonts like they would design everything else: with their own artistic gesture and sensibility.

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