Packaged in a set of two cuts, an extended and a condensed, Mars makes no compromises and encourages specific design choices. Mars calls for intricate typesettings and loud, visible type: just like a beefed-up, fit and tight version of the typeface Venus, its distant reference.

Mars is the first commercial release of Alaric Garnier. His design practice produces a small collection of explorative typefaces. Despite the traditional sign painting training he received in the U.S., Garnier’s typography avoids mimicking brush strokes or casual lettering structures. In Mars, the remaining effect is a compound of its author’s gesture, energy and freshness.
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Design: Alaric Garnier. Team: Quentin Schmerber, Hugues Gentile.
Picture by Florent Tanet with art direction by Anne-Dorothée Schulz.

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