Aeonik Pro

In creating Aeonik Pro, CoType Foundry took their best-selling type family ‘Aeonik’ and refined it further, whilst also adding support for Cyrillic and Greek. As a result, Aeonik Pro is now sharper, tighter, and more versatile than ever. There are seven weights, ranging from Air to Black, each with oblique italics. With more than 900 characters and plenty of alternates to choose from, this workhorse type family is a must have in any designer’s toolset.

In line with much loved grotesque typefaces, Aeonik Pro features closed apertures with perpendicular stroke endings, clear letter shapes, and tight spacing. The most noticeable characters are the ‘f’, ‘j’ and ’t’ which feature 90 degree turns and straight outstrokes, infusing a little geometric twist into this genre.

Aeonik Pro is drawn with clarity and functionality in mind. The 16 stylistic sets containing various alternates allow the user to adapt Aeonik’s “voice” to suit any project. Within those sets, the user will find stylistic alternates for particular lowercase or capital letters, alternate numeral forms, but also white and black circled numerals, and alternate shapes for Greek. Two of the stylistic sets allow direct access to the Bulgarian and Serbian Cyrillic alternates. Aeonik Pro also includes multiple arrows and geometric shapes that have been drawn to match each weight.

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