Founded by Jérémy Schneider and Violaine Orsoni, V&J is a multidisciplinary creative studio focusing on graphic design, typography, illustration and more globally arts & craft dedicated to deliver beautiful messages.

At the studio, we took the habit of designing custom fonts for the graphic design projects we work on. We enjoy it, your network enjoys it, so here is our type foundry. We design fonts like we would design everything else: with our own artistic gesture and sensibility. We clearly focus on drawing strong and peculiar fonts. For sure you won’t find many weight variants but you will find many glyph alternates !


Jäger is a display typeface, useful for headlines or short to medium-length texts. It was designed in 2020 by Jérémy Schneider. The font’s release falls five years after the first drawings were developed for an exhibition at the Musées des Arts Décoratifs in Paris dedicated to contemporary art crafts.

Jäger is a tribute to fine craftsmanship, inspired by techniques mastered by craftsmen in their work. We thus see the hollowed-out counter forms reminiscent of engravings, sculptures or working with chisels. The angles give the impression of having been cut in wood, the contours are rounded, never sharp. Each weight offers two versions: the Jäger Master version which is the original, most advanced, most daring design, and the Jäger Classic version in which the counter forms at the tops of the letters have been filled in to offer a more versatile option.


Voyage was designed in 2019 in Paris by Jérémy Schneider. Romantic and curvy, Voyage is a display typeface, useful for headlines, or short to medium lenghts texts. From the aventurous eye of the lowercase ‘e’ to the curly ‘h’, Voyage features delicate hairlines for maximum contrasts . We designed 55 stylistic ligatures, 26 variants, which are open-type programmed, the user decides which glyph to alternate. We love travelling, forgetting Paris sometimes and embracing ideas all around the world. Bon Voyage.

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Violaine & Jeremy
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They design fonts like they would design everything else: with their own artistic gesture and sensibility.

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