Viaoda Libre

Viaoda Libre is a display font. Inspired by Vietnamese cultural symbolism, Viaoda Libre is a mix of both the old and the new, appearing with traditional elegance and modern professionalism at the same time. It is designed to match media publications regarding tradition while also serve as titles and subtitles. The typeface is to be further developed in the future, with hopes to attain greater values for Vietnamese typeface
This booklet and the presented typeface were created in the summer semester 2020 in the course “Eine neue Schrift” lead by Felix Bonge at the Department Design of the HAW Hamburg. (This typeface was initially developed in the summer semester 2019 in the course Type Design – Under the direction of Professor Veljovic)

Type Design: Gydient (Giang Nguyen)
Copywriting: Minh Pham
Type Engineer: Vietanh D. Nguyen

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